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Breaking Down Our Facades with Kiara Harris of The Facade Project

December 19, 2017

Hey guys! Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday and welcome back to Seek The Joy podcast! 

On today’s episode is Kiara Harris - the host and creator of The Facade Project. The Facade Project is a podcast aiming to break down the real struggles of living in LA. Kiara says, from Cali living, to the reality of getting your foot in the door, it's time to break down the facade that everything is alright in your life and get to the truth about working and living in Los Angeles. 

We chat all about where the idea for The Facade Project came from, Kiara's journey creating the podcast, the impact she wants to have with the platform and community she's creating, her facade, joy in her life, speaking your dreams into existence, and more!

I am so excited to share Kiara's story and her experience writing and speaking her dreams into existence on this episode.  

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