Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday and welcome back to Seek The Joy Podcast! 

On today's episode is Sam Sedlack, the creator and host of Super Normal Podcast. Super Normal is a podcast about humans sharing their stories in hopes of showing who we really are. In a world where social media corners the market on communication, Super Normal allows for connection on a deeper level through new insights and understanding. 

I'm on her podcast this week too and you can listen to the episode on iTunes here and on her website here ✨☺️⭐️

On today's episode we talk about Super Normal Podcast and what inspired her to start it. We chat about growing with every episode she records and every guest she connects with, the impact she wants to have with her podcast, media literacy, joy in her life, how she stays balanced, and empathy.

This was such a fun episode to record. I hope you enjoy today's episode and the episode that Sam released yesterday featuring yours truly!

To find out more about Sam and Super Normal Podcast check out her website supernormalpodcast.com and her Instagram @supernormalpod

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