Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! On the podcast this week is John Clarence Stewart, multi-talented actor, singer, poet, and artist, and incredible human being. 

You might recognize John from his role as Simon on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist or Lionel in What/If, and at the heart of John’s acting and performing is a deep connection to self, and a sense of vulnerability and intimacy that stems from his spiritual journey and a courage to jump in.

In this week’s episode John and I chat about:

  • Where his acting journey began, growing into and claiming his voice, and art as a form of healing.
  • John shares his spiritual journey, stepping into this space as a writer and poet, using his art to explore deep emotions, and the vulnerability, intimacy, and courage it takes to truly experience life.
  • Plus, John shares how he’s changed his perspective of joy, exploring, learning, and remembering the fullest expression of ourselves, he shares one of his beautiful poems with us, his biggest dream, and so much more!

You can connect with John on Instagram @jstewiii and Twitter @stewart_iii and you can check out Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist here

The books John mentioned in today’s episode:

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