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Celebrating Where Food Meets Feminism with Lindsay Gardner, Author of Why We Cook: Women on Food, Identity and Connection

April 13, 2021

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday!

On the podcast today is Lindsay Gardner, illustrator, artist and author of the new book, WHY WE COOK: Women On Food, Identity, and Connection.

Why We Cook highlights the voices of women in the culinary world, their varied perspectives and experiences, and is a beautiful celebration of where food meets feminism. Food has the power to connect us, and bring about greater empathy, compassion, and understanding. In many ways, Lindsay’s beautiful illustrations and writing serves to empower all women to reclaim their place in the kitchen.

In today’s episode Lindsay and I chat about:

  • The inspiration behind Why We Cook, Lindsay’s desire to share the perspectives and achievements of women in the culinary world that are often overlooked, and the questions that drove Lindsay’s research for the book.

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the food and restaurant industry, what we can learn from being in the kitchen, the power of food to connect us, and cooking as a form of storytelling.

  • Lindsay gives us a behind the scenes look at the first interview she did for the book, the conversation that surprised her the most, and we dive into just some of the profiles in the book, from Carla Hall, Gray Chapman, Celia Sack to Gail Simmons.

  • Plus, Lindsay shares the greatest lesson she learned from writing the book, how her relationship to cooking has changed, her biggest dream, and so much more!

We'd love for you to check out this week's new episode and join the conversation ✨

To connect with Lindsay and learn more visit her website and on Instagram @lindsaygardnerart and you can find Why We Cook here

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Show Notes:

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