Welcome back to Seek The Joy Podcast and to the first #SeekTheJoy Tuesday of 2018! 

On the podcast today is Natalie Walstein, the career astrologer behind Soulshine Astrology. 

We chat all about the magic behind astrology, living with passion and purpose, and how by gaining an understanding of your chart you can begin to call more joy and purpose into your life. By diving into astrology and learning about her own chart, Natalie was able to learn more about herself, step into her own authenticity, and find more passion and joy in her life. 

To learn more about Natalie and Soulshine Astrology, head over to the show notes section of our website seekthejoypodcast.com/show-notes/soulshine-astrology 

You can connect with Natalie online at soulshineastrology.com

Instagram @soulshineastrology

Facebook @soulshineastrology

Youtube Soulshineastrology

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