Hey everyone, and welcome back to The Seek The Joy Podcast! 🎙✨💛

Today is our second episode, and our first episode with a guest - and we're so excited!! 

Today's honest conversation is with Leah Yousefi, otherwise known as Calligraphy by Leah. She is an all-around good grounded person, who just so happened to find her joy in calligraphy. She designed the calligraphy for the Seek The Joy Podcast and is a really good friend of mine ☺️

In this episode we discuss how diving deep into calligraphy and a passion project really helped her through some of the more difficult times in her life, the importance of keeping yourself surrounded by good positive people, taking care of yourself no matter what, and starting a side hustle. 

Sounds like a good episode, right? We certainly think so!

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