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Embracing Our Creative Empowerment with Norma Jean Belenky

March 20, 2018

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! Guys this week’s episode is a fun one - and it’s an interview swap! On the podcast this week is Norma Jean Belenky - the ever creative, inspiring, and empowering woman behind the daily doodle Instagram account @normajeanlovesdoodles and the host of Stay Wild Podcast. I'm on Stay Wild this week too so when you’re done listening to today’s episode, head over to Stay Wild to hear Norma Jean interview me! 

Norma Jean is a musician, artist, and entrepreneur. One of her biggest passions is guiding others to creative empowerment - but she had to empower herself first. On today’s episode we chat all about Norma Jean’s creativity, self-love and joy journey, following her passions and choosing a life of creative expression, embracing our creative empowerment and the importance of having a daily creative practice, overcoming self-doubt and fear, choosing your own adventure, and so much more.  

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