Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday! On the podcast this week is Amy Tan, the award-winning designer and craft expert behind Amy Tangerine - a creative lifestyle company that creates online content and fun products like t-shirts and craft supplies. She’s also the author of “Craft a Life You Love: Infusing Creativity, Fun, and Intention Into Your Everyday.”

Connecting with Amy has been a BLAST and I’m so excited to share her story. On today's episode we chat all about Amy's love for color, design, and where sharing her creativity began, the connection between creativity and joy (it's huge!!), tools that Amy relies on to help her craft a positive mindset and how she wants to feel, the importance of feeding your soul with things you love, her brand new (and AMAZING!) collaboration with Avery, and SO much more.

I can't wait for you guys to get your hands on this colorful and playful collection that continues to brighten up my day - and we're doing a GIVEAWAY!! (*internally screams with excitement!) Make sure to head over to our Instagram page to enter!!

AVERY and Amy are offering 15% off of this incredible collection on Amazon.com with the code "15AVERYNAMY" 

To learn more about today’s episode, head over to the show notes section of our website seekthejoypodcast.com/show-notes/amytangerine (P.S. this is also where you can download an amazing graphic created by Amy just for this episode!)

To learn more about Amy check out her website www.amytangerine.com and you can find Amy on Instagram @amytangerine and Facebook @amytangerine and on YouTube and Pinterest @amytangerine 

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