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On today's episode is Sarah Brunet.

Sarah runs on passion and purpose - in everything that she does. 

Sarah is the owner of a boutique immigration law firm based in Los Angeles, CA. Sarah is dedicated, passionate, energetic, and compassionate. Originally from France, she came to California to attend Pepperdine Law School - which is where we met. 

Sarah was at the forefront of advocating for and helping individuals who were caught up in the travel ban that went into effect earlier this year by the Trump administration. She was instrumental in offering free legal help at LAX, and she started Track the Ban - a website that streamlined the most important information, provided daily recommendations, and a legal packet that helped travelers coming to the United States. 

She saw a need - and she stepped up. Big time. 

Sarah says it so eloquently on today's episode - we are here to learn. We're given so much time in this life, and it's our opportunity and responsibility to invest our time in making a difference and giving back. 

Giving more than you receive, taking risks, staying humble, running on emotional adrenaline and passion and purpose - all on today's episode. 

You can find more information on Sarah and her practice at brunet-immigration.com

A great article all about Track The Ban from earlier this year can be found here 

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