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Finding the Joy in Uncertainty with Vrin Rao

April 27, 2021

Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday!

On the podcast today is Vrin Rao, an Enneagram Coach and Meditation Teacher.

Vrin works with women and those who identify with the female energy to build strong and healthy relationships with themselves and others. She does this by using the personality framework of the Enneagram which helps us to understand the lens our ego sees the world through.

In today’s episode we chat about:

  • Why we haven't been taught how to manage and sit in uncertainty, and the power of holding opposites

  • The connection between uncertainty, control, and compassion

  • Becoming more wholistic beings, the three centes of intelligence in the Enneagram, and how the Enneagram can help us navigate uncertainty

  • Reframing uncertainty as mystery

  • Why joy can come from uncertainty, Vrin's biggest dream, and so much more!

To connect with Vrin visit her website and on Instagram you can find her Free Intention Setting Template here and coming soon! Enneagram Meditations: Get on the waitlist for this four week online course where we will be exploring the Enneagram energies through meditation, journaling, intention setting and prompts here

We'd love for you to check out this week's new episode and join the conversation ✨

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Show Notes:

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