HONOR Mornings™ is a 100% organic, vegan and sweetener free powdered smoothie mixture comprised of the ideal combination of plant protein, supergreens, spirulina and adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs to nourish the body, mind, and soul. It’s made of the highest quality vegan protein powder, mucuna, reishi, maca, spirulina, and other supergreens to help you glow from within and feel amazing. It’s Smoothies with Superpowers!

In this week’s episode: 

  • Kitiya’s journey creating HONOR Mornings, the inspiration behind her brand, creating from a space of service and love, and why it’s important to take the leap and push beyond your fear.
  • Kitiya shares her path to self-love, defining self-love on our own terms, her tips and resources to gain greater self-awareness, and the impact quarantine has had on her perspective, relationships and joy.
  • Plus, Kitiya shares why it’s important to honor who we are and serve the world with our uniqueness, her favorite compassionate affirmations, the impact of HONOR Mornings, her biggest dream, and so much more!

To learn more about Kitiya and Honor Mornings visit her website https://honormornings.com and on Facebook @honormornings Twitter @honormornings and Instagram @honormornings @kitiyaskye

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