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Lessons In Relationships and Our Inner Child with Veronica Grant

April 20, 2021

Today we're sharing our next episode in our series "Lessons In" with Veronica Grant. 

Veronica Grant is a Love + Life Coach, host of the popular Love Life Connection podcast, and believed deep work is the only way to deep love. She helps successful women who feel like they have it all except love, find it. 

Veronica Grant joins us to share a lesson she’s learned about working with our inner child to transform our relationship patterns. Through healing her relationship with her body and discovering her own innate worthiness, Veronica embarked on a journey back to herself through uncovering and healing her limiting beliefs, and ultimately connecting with her inner child. As Veronica shares, when we work with our inner child we’re able to connect the dots between a core childhood wound we experienced with our dating and relationship patterns, and when we heal that wound we no longer attract partners from that place. Veronica’s reflections, honesty, and vulnerability will leave you feeling inspired, and remind you that to find the deep love that we’re craving, we have to be willing to do the deep inner work.

To learn more about Veronica visit her website and on Instagram @Veronicaegrant Twitter @Veronicaegrant Facebook @Veronicaegrant1 and you can find 5 Steps To Ending Overwhelm and Anxiety In Love and The Love Life Connection Podcast: and discover what’s blocking you in love by taking her free quiz:

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