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Reinventing Happiness, Positivity and Optimism with Brandon Posivak

April 6, 2021

On the podcast today is Brandon Posivak, author of “Step on the Cracks: Reinventing Happiness, Positivity, and Optimism.”

Brandon wrote Step on the Cracks: Reinventing Happiness, Positivity, and Optimism during one of the most difficult times in his life. Struggling to find happiness, he turned to writing and research for catharsis, then wanted to use what he had learned in order to help others.

In this week’s episode Brandon and Sydney chat about:

  • Brandon’s journey writing Step on the Cracks, his definition of happiness, and why happiness goes beyond checking all of the boxes.

  • The happiness fingerprint, synthetic happiness, and the difference between happiness and joy.

  • Brandon shares his perspective around Gen Z use of social media and technology, how we can avoid getting trapped in the productivity hamster wheel.

  • Plus Brandon shares the role of vulnerability in his happiness journey, why he’s reminding himself to step on the cracks, his biggest dream, and so much more!

To connect with Brandon and learn more visit him on Instagram @Brandonposivak LinkedIn @BrandonPosivak Facebook @BrandonPosivak Twitter @Brandon_posivak and you can find Step on the Cracks on Amazon here

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Show Notes:

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