Happy #SeekTheJoy Tuesday!

On the podcast this week is Jordan Cardarelli, a Gene Keys Reader & Guide. Jordan sees the Gene Keys Profile as your personal roadmap to your Highest Self. Through her one-on-one sessions she helps her clients to uncover their highest potential laid out in their Gene Keys Profile, then transform their beliefs to help them get there. 

  • Jordan shares everything you need to know about the Gene Keys and your profile, providing clarity on your path and purpose, and the Gene Keys as the roadmap to your highest self.
  • Jordan shares how we can begin to understand our relationship to our shadow, using the Gene Keys to confront limiting beliefs and fears, and how by working through the resistance we can begin to embrace our gifts.
  • Plus, we chat about evolving through moments of joy and celebration, saying yes to the adventure that’s our own, what inspires Jordan, her biggest dream, and so much more!


To learn more about Jordan and her work visit their website www.jordancardarelli.com where you’ll find more information about her one-on-one sessions and her e-book "The Ultimate Guide to Your Gene Keys Profile", plus you can connect with Jordan on Instagram @jordan.cardarelli

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