On the podcast this week is Liza Kindred, the founder of EFF This! Meditation, author of the brand new EFF THIS! book; creator of Mindful Technology, licensed minister, level two reiki practitioner, and a total badass.

In this week’s new episode, we chat about:

  • Liza's meditation practice and Buddhism studies, the inspiration behind EFF This! Meditation, and the video of the Dalai Lama that changed everything.
  • What it means to embrace true wellness, how we can see ourselves as whole and worthy already, and what it means to remember that you are complete, just not finished.
  • We talk about finding sacredness in every aspect of our lives, spirituality as whatever we make it, the myth of meditation, and Liza’s top tips to begin a meditation practice.
  • Plus, Liza shares with us the inspiration behind her new book (that started as a spreadsheet!), why it's a privilege to show up as who we are, setting boundaries in our digital spaces, how Liza stays energized and engaged, and SO much more!

To learn more about Liza and EFF This! Meditation, visit her on her website www.lizakindred.com and www.effthismeditation.com and on Instagram @effthismeditation @liza_k and Twitter @lizak and you can find her new book Eff This! Meditation: 108 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for When You’re Feeling Stressed Out, Anxious or Overwhelmed on Amazon here

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